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we are edgy - the beginning for us.

so this is the beginning for us at edgy 🥳. 5 years ago, deeply engaged in a very detailed and successful strategy event for a former company hosted by one of the worlds leading professional services agencies, I had that light bulb moment 💡on the 37th floor in a stunning office of one of the worlds most lucrative addresses in Hong Kong was that moment for me, nice place to have it and the perfect environment for me. my mind was wired, was there a gap in this market for an agency that genuinely and truly focuses on helping businesses, large and small, make their customers experience better? looking at what actually happens in detail to that customer during their experience, no matter the industry, no matter the country. sure, the company who were hosting us were at the top of their field, this session was intuitive, detailed, well structured and had a purpose that was great. I just couldn't help but wonder how effective it would have been with more direct thought on the steps that our customers would take and how we could, together, personalise an experience for us.

it all seemed too simple as we're constantly being told of the importance of taking care of customers that there must be thousands of like minded agencies doing this. so back in the hotel at the end of an engaging session and with another day tomorrow I couldn't help but get to searching. the surprise hit me more than that light bulb moment hours earlier. there was very, very few agencies or consultants, if any that offer a genuine customer experience design offer who truly understand the customer and truly look at a companies customer independently without generalising. ultimately I had found that gap and it felt great. so to the drawing board I went to create an agency that would become the best in the world at developing experiences and framework around people led customer experiences.

5 years on and edgy is that agency, and in typical edgy fashion we think differently, act differently and our launch happens to coincide with the single largest social, cultural and financial crisis in the past 100 years 🙈. with all of the pieces ready, timing right and with 2020 supposedly being the year that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator everything was perfect to kick off and grow. well, there's been a hurdle put everyones way and in fact 2020 will now be a year for almost all businesses of survival, reinvention, merging, closures and opportunity.

our philosophy stems from my own beliefs that should always enjoy what you do, do something professionally that you are proud of and bring value to those you are working with and value to yourself. with that in mind we decided to continue our launch of edgy with our focus the same - to create the agency that would become the best in the world at developing experiences and framework around people led customer experiences. the only difference is that since the covid-19 crisis, customer experience is now essential to any business wanting to survive or thrive on the coming months and not just a luxury.

let's get edgy,


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