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edge of the box thinking

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

how many times have you been told to 'think outside the box'? 📦 for most of you the answer will be a lot. anytime you're invited to a strategy session, a marketing brainstorm or a budget meeting it's the same - "come on guys think outside the box". what your leaders and colleagues are telling you is to be innovative and think of something that we haven't done before. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. ✅

so to keep this simple let's break this down:

1. the box 📦

the box is your business, whatever business that may be, a hotel, a factory, an insurance company, it really doesn't matter but that's your box nonetheless. when thinking in this way you start to strip out the complexities and start to focus naturally on what your business is, how it looks to the outside world and most importantly what's in the box and how does it work. this box is yours and you decide everything about it, you can have other boxes within one large box if you have multiple properties and each of those can be treated as their own box.

2. inside the box 🍱

back to the opening line of this article, but this time the question is - how many times have you been asked to think inside the box? for most, the answer sadly is never ❌. the most important action you can do today is to look and think inside your box. inside your box is everything you do - operations, finances, sales, marketing, your people, your customers experiences . this is where you should be spending a majority of your focus. how are your systems and employees performing against expectation? what sort of experience is being offered to your customers or clients? is there opportunity for operational excellence?

3. outside the box

the place where you are always being told to look 👀 . this includes how your box is seen to the outside world to those customers that have yet to experience you. also everything outside the box includes your competitors, other opportunities that you're currently not tapping into, new experiences or products that you aren't offering yet. this is where you should be spending a lesser but very focused amount of time. short, sharp periods assessing what new opportunities are available, how your competitors are performing and how you can the bring the best of out there back inside.

4. the edge of the box

where the real creativity and magic happens and that's why we are edgy not just trying to be cool 😎 at the edge of anything you typically get the best view which is no different here. why? because you can merge the best from inside with the best from outside of your box, make clearer more defined decisions, be more focused and innovative.

so that's a snapshot of the way we think here at edgy and all of our programmes are developed with this thinking.

be edgy,


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