There's more to Edgy than our name  

Everything we do is built around our system - Edge of the Box. For us, we live and breathe improvement, that's why Edgy was created. We have built our Agency around making improvements - for ourselves, for our business and for you. 


We are positive disruptors and we use the Edge as our base to find new ways of doing things and creating new experiences that truly change the way things are being done. 

We are Edgy so we will do things differently. 

Edge of the Box  

Everyone has been told at some point to 'Think outside the Box'. But what does it really mean? It's supposed to encourage innovation but ends up being an exercise without purpose. So, in typical 'Edgy' fashion we thought we would rip it up and build something better. We are now on version 34X and we love the fact that it will just keep on evolving. 

The Positive Disruption Builder just keeps getting better.    

Inside the Box  

Your Box is where you are right now. It's your business, your project and it's you. Inside of that Box is everything that you currently have with significant control. 

When we work with you we build Your Box, here's one below that we did earlier. Inside this box we have 10 Defined Elements - Experience, Culture, Processes, Customers, Employees, Property, Capacity, Systems Product and Finances. All these elements you will have control over.

Outside the Box  

Outside the Box is the opportunity. This is where you are being encouraged to look for something new. When the right balance is struck, between knowing what is Inside the Box and purposeful observation Outside the Box, you can then bring Positive Disruption. 

Here we have the same Box with 10 Defined Elements Outside the Box - Talent, Brand, Economy, Rivals, New Customers, Innovation, Suppliers, Demand, Innovation and Regulations. 

Edge the Box  

The Edge is where maximum innovation, effectiveness and disruption occurs, at the point between Inside and Outside of your Box. Our systems focus you here to create Positive Disruption.