About Edgy

Edgy is new and we are super proud of that. We are powered by innovation and experience so we won't do things the 'normal' way. 


We bring an approach to Customer Experience that will challenge the status quo, change the way people are delivered experiences and correct the way experiences are measured. 


We are innovators. We are positive disruptors. We are story-tellers. We are Edgy. 

Why Customer Experience? 

Edgy may be new but our expertise in delivering experiences is far from it.


Having worked for the World's Leading Customer-centric businesses for over 18 years we have developed systems, service standards and customer experiences to millions of customers annually and reached the absolute pinnacle of service excellence. Customer Experience is at our core. 

We are People People and we love doing things that make peoples lives better, we've been doing it for years.


Our Vision for Edgy is to positively impact more people across more regions.

Why Edgy? 

Our belief is that to create amazing ideas and positively disruptive contributions you have to be in right environment. Our culture is built on thinking differently, as Albert Einstein said "Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results". 

Some of the most successful brands in the world today are here because they thought differently and built their business on that alone - Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Uber, Gymshark - all created their business through disruption. Some are new ideas, some just execute and market themselves in a new way. 

We are no different. We see a new way of executing customer experience and we love it. 

Why Now? 

2020 was regarded as the year that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Well, that was then. Now 2020 is the year that Customer Experience needs to be in the Vision and Culture of every business in the World. Never before has it been more important to know your customer and build your brand around them, telling stories that they are a part of and engaging in new ways. 

We have been quietly working behind the scenes on our core system - Edge of the Box. We have developed Edge of the Box to integrate with all our Customer Experience systems seamlessly.


Now, in 2020 we are ready to grow and support more businesses with our positively disruptive approach and systemisation. 

What next? 

As with everything we do, we do things a bit differently. We thought on the edge of the box and built our business with our own systems. Our vision is to build a business that can positively influence those that care, build experiences that last for businesses of all sizes around the World. 

Edgy has been developed from day one as a partnership business. We grow with our partners and we create amazing opportunities for people like us to grow with Edgy and own their part of that growth. 

We plan to have Edgy represented in every continent in the World and to develop a new Customer Experience every day.

And that's just to start. If you want to be part of our journey come on over to our Partner Page.